July 23, 2022

Most Frequently Asked Questions On crypto Custodian PPI


If you are looking forward to go for a PPI arrangement in future and don’t have any clue about what it means and involves, here are some frequently asked questions on this topic to clarify your doubts.

  1. a) What is PPI?
  2. a) PPI is an acronym to payment protection insurance. It is a type of insurance that covers all your payments on a loan in case you become unemployed, fall ill or suffer from an accident.
  3. b) What kinds of loans are usually covered by PPI?
  4. b) PPI usually covers mortgages, car finance, credit cards, bank loans and building society loans.
  5. c) Is PPI optional?
  6. c) Yes. PPI is optional. There is no compulsion that you require to go for it. However, some lenders insist that it is taken out. Here, they need to inform you that you possess the right to make a research and find the cheapest cover. It is not necessary for you to purchase PPI from your lender.
  7. d) Do I need to take out PPI to get my loan approved as instructed by my lender?
  8. d) No, you don’t require to take out PPI in order to get your loan approved. In fact, your loan application does not depend on taking out PPI.
  9. e) Am I entitled to be covered if I am self employed?
  10. e) It may not be possible to get covered if you are self employed. The reason is that most self employed people are excluded from PPI and your policy
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June 17, 2021

Situs Judi Online Togel HongkongFair Play VS Situs Judi Penipu



Situs Terpercaya kali ini akan mengambil tema Situs Judi Online Fair Play VS Situs Judi Penipu untuk di bahas.

Tema kali ini sangat menarik untuk di bahas ,tentu kita jadi tau apa saja perbedaan situs Fair Play dan situs penipu.


Dari sisi ciri2 nya bahkan sampai cara pengecekan nya semua akan di bahas tuntas di sini.

Situs Penipu apa saja juga akan di berikan oleh Situs Terpercaya agak tidak ada yang tertipu lagi.|

Semua pengalaman yang di berikan oleh Situs Terpercaya mudah2an akan sangat bermanfaat bagi kita dalam memilih Situs Judi Online Fair Play.


Situs Terpercaya tidak meminta bayaran koq untuk informasi yang di berikan ,di sukai saja uda terima kasih apalagi di bantu share .

Setiap artikel yang di terbitkan oleh Situs Terpercaya berdasarkan permintaan para member setia yang penasaran dan ingin tau lebih lanjut soal Dunia Situs Judi Online Togel Hongkong .


Situs Judi Online Fair Play VS Situs Judi Penipu

Mari kita bahas tentang Situs Judi Penipu terlebih dahulu.

Situs judi penipu adalah situs judi yang niat nya mendapat keuntungan dengan cara curang atau tidak dengan cara yang benar.


Beberapa ciri dan cara yang di lakukan oleh situs judi penipu adalah ;


Tidak proses dana deposit

Tidak proses dana kemenangan

Tidak proses bonus yang di janjikan

Memiliki hitungan bonus yang tidak jelas

Banyak Robot dan admin yang bermain

Situs nya bisa di blokir dengan cara pelaporan di Sini

Memiliki permainan yang ada bandar ny dan tidak di gilir ke pemain …

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July 19, 2022

Superstar Mariah Carey Gets Lucky In เเทงหวยออนไลน์


On Friday, Mariah Carey, won $27,000. The superstar won this amount while playing poker in Las Vegas, Nevada. This singer was present along with Usher, Janet Jackson and Nelly. They had come together for the 33rd birthday bash of producer Jermaine Dupri. The party was held at the Tao restaurant at the Venetian Hotel. While there, Mariah went to the nearby casino. She won this huge prize money after just three rounds of เเทงหวยออนไลน์ It could be pure luck or probably, the other players got overwhelmed by her sheer presence. Pokermag.com reports:

Carry enthuses, “I used to play poker with my sister. But I think my low-cut dress put some of the other guys off.”

European Player of the Month Award Goes to Tony G

The Top European Player of the Month award goes to Tony G. This award is adjudged by a committee at William Hill Poker. This month the competition was very high. Winning in the European Championship, pushed Tony G. towards winning this award. Giving him a very close competition was Tony Bloom and Iwan Jones. Bloom had earlier won the Victor cup while Jones had won the London open. Tony G. said after his win that he appreciated the acknowledgment from  William Hill and felt that it was good to be recognized by peers. He also said that he had been enjoying the game and had been playing very well lately. Pokernews.com reports:

As for the European Championship, Tony had this to say ‘I played …

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July 13, 2022

Prelude to sbobet bacchanalia


Fatigue creeps up on you like irrationality. Life rolls on greased steel wheels, months pass, and every cog seems to fit into its mate in the most rational way. It’s enough to lure anyone into a sense of security as false as a hockey player’s incisors. And then, all of a sudden, life pokes its heads under your bed covers and says, “I know you are, but what am I?”

Fatigue is not what you think. It’s not what you feel after being awake for 40 hours sbobet during which you treated your body like a human alcohol dumping ground. It’s not what you feel after sitting at a poker table for 13 hours without food. It’s not even how you feel the morning after a party hosted by Al Can’t Hang. Fatigue is the byproduct of real life.

Most of us live our lives held down by high-test corded guy wire. We don’t like it, but we accept it. Without the wires, we would spin out of control like a TV tower in a hurricane. We know we need the help.

But, over time, say the course of a year, those wires get tired. It’s different for everybody. And it happens at different times. For me, it was the autumn of 2003. For many people I know, the time is right now. I’m not sure what disturbance has occurred in the force, but it seems I know more people in the middle of Life Fatigue than I know …

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June 29, 2022

Glub, glub, slot hoki my good man.


I could go on like this for another thousand words or so, but I’ll spare you any more verbosity. While there were some amazing hands played at that table, I didn’t play any of them. My two chances to make any sort of big money fell apart when I overplayed Cowboys and forced out a guy with TPTK, and when everybody folded to a minimum raise when I held AA.

After finally peeling myself away from the table, more than slot hoki $100 in the hole, I realized that I might as well have been playing with my cards face up. My opponents didn’t need their cards to beat me.

I struggled for most of the next day, trying to figure out how I could be so successful online, but fail so miserably sitting at a cheap $30 max buy-in NL homegame table. It was, to date, my worst live performance ever.

I’ve come up with a few conclusions, and would appreciate any thoughts from people who play a good mix of online and live play.

1) No matter how good my hand, I mentally noted the nuts and convinced myself my opponent was holding it. When I believe my opponent is always holding the nuts, I can’t convince myself to play my game. As such, as a matter of pride, I refused to show down my hand and cost myself money in the long run. That leads me to…

2) Pride cometh (or perhaps, goeth) before the fall. …

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June 23, 2022

Use These Guidelines Of Making Passive Income In No Time And Achieve Your Well Deserved Financial Freedom!


A few short years ago I was living paycheck to paycheck, and just like many Americans I was in a vicious cycle of work and bills, with little ability to generate savings. The idea of investing for the future seemed like a fairy tale, as if investing was reserved for only the wealthiest among us. The truth is that even average Americans can save for their future through minimal investments. It is in generating passive income that we can lift ourselves out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, and even if this does not describe you in particular, you will be able to further your income through these outside investments.

Generating passive income is paramount, but it is especially dire for nearly half of all Americans. This may sound hyperbolic, but a recent 2016 survey shows that nearly half of all households are not prepared for an emergency costing $500 or more. To have so little savings, to be so unprepared for the future, it creates a disaster just waiting to happen. You cannot fault Americans for not saving; our purchasing power has decreased over the last three decades, and the cost of living has only increased. It is for these reasons that investing for passive income seems so impossible for many families. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Services UK


I offer the guidance to get started, the motivation to see the path to profitability, and the advice and strategies you need to start …

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June 20, 2022

Treating Lip Conditions

Skin conditions are commonly found on the lips. They can be on or surrounding the lips and be anything from a lesion to an excess hair problem. For most people these conditions are not trivial and although sometimes treating these conditions can be challenging, new effective therapies are emerging.

Below is a list of some potential lip conditions and how they can be treated:


Hirsutism is a condition of excessive hair that can occur on the skin of the lips. A new, convenient therapy for upper lip hair is topical eflornithine 13.9% cream (Vaniqa®). Eflornithine 13.9% cream inhibits ornithine decarboxylase, an enzyme that has been associated with hair growth, so it retards hair growth

Alopecia areata results in the loss of hair, including facial hair. For the most part, there is no effective therapy for this condition.

For more information visit


Benign and malignant tumors are usually easy to recognise by your physician:

Vascular lesions presenting with friable, bleeding tumors are mostly pyogenic granulomas (A common skin growth that is usually relatively small and red, with oozing and bleeding). They may follow local injury on the lips and can be treated with cryotherapy, electrodessication, or excision.

Venous lakes are common in the older population. The dark purple color of the tumor can sometimes be confused with melanoma.

Multiple small, vascular lesions on the lips are seen in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (Rendu-Osler-Weber disease). There may be a family history of the disease and a history …

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May 29, 2022

Everest- keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards


Well it’s about that time again to take a look at the Everest keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards. With May now over and June just underway, it’s time to see how one month panned out and how the other one starts off.

For the May Monthly MTT’s, the final top ten looks like this:


  1. Tooren 6783
  2. BaSt4r 6152
  3. Marcilan 5757
  4. Slayer_pol 5650
  5. Nuckin_Futs 5457
  6. hase66 5070
  7. Kratzbaum 4853
  8. pieronaldino 4621
  9. ExaMeter 4599
  10. Rafichon 4594


First off, lets congratulate Tooren for holding down on the top spot for the last couple of weeks to win the May Monthly MTT’s for Everest Poker. The top 5 spots remained the same as they were last week. hase66 jumped Kratzbaum as they finished 6th and 7th respectively.  pieronaldino moved into the number 8 spot while ExaMeter dropped one stop to number 9. Rafichon finished 10th. espagne8 and mmoomm dropped off the leaderboard in the last week, but both are strong players who are continually vivying for a top 10 spot.


So far with just two days past in June, the top 10 is already shaping up a little bit. Let’s take a look:


  1. fabbz 1115
  2. foukadir 913
  3. homer1985 892
  4. pakhuis 851
  5. Vincenzo88 830
  6. asse44
  7. Rafichon 823
  8. MrCabdriver 724
  9. claudioney18 686
  10. macqueen 681


There are some newer names on the top 10 so far since we’ve been covering the Everest Poker Leaderboards, but hopefully this shows that there are not only some new players here as well as a little …

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May 27, 2022

Aussie Millions Excitement in Melbourne

The Aussie Millions, Southern Hemisphere’s biggest togel  poker championship, kicked off at the Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia last week on January 5th. Nine champions have already been crowned, and the Main Event’s day 1 starts on Monday. There are 16 events scheduled, and the 10,000 AUD Main Event features a guaranteed first prize of 1 million AUD.

The events started with a 1,100 AUD No Limit Holdem tournament which was played over two days and had total prize pool of 537,000 AUD. V‌incent Wan, a Melbourne native, battled Michael “Timex” McDonald heads up and emerged victorious, winning a handsome 142,302 AUD first prize. McDonald received 85,920 for his second place finish. The heads up match was in no way easy to win; it lasted for over 60 hands and the lead was traded back and forth a number of times before things were said and done. Wan eventually won with JJ after managing to get McDonald’s stack in the middle with A8o.


Event #1 results:

1) Vincent Wan (142,302 AUD)

2) Mike “Timex” McDonald (85,920 AUD)

3) Peter Pratis (56,385 AUD)

4) Justin Gendle (40,275 AUD)

5) Jovan Scekic (29,535 AUD)

6) Yevgeniy Timoshenko (21,480 AUD)

7) Alex Luck (16,110 AUD)

8 ) John Georges (12,888 AUD)

9) Con Cotsomitis (10,203 AUD)

10) Kalan Shuttlewood (7,787 AUD)


Event two was a 1,100 AUD Pot Limit Holdem tournament, attracting a 189 field and also played over two days. Chris Chronis, an Australian fashion designer, made a late run …

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May 24, 2022

Huck Seed Takes the Aria for $670,665 at Video Poker


Poker pro Huck Seed, who is best known for winning the 1996 World Series of Poker Main Event and for taking on some of the world’s toughest games at Full Tilt Poker, won big last night. This time, Huck’s big win wasn’t at the poker table at all. After reading a few books about video poker, Huck Seed risked $50,000 playing video poker against the house video poker machine and won a staggering $670,665!

It all started when Huck Seed saw this video poker machine at the Aria with a massive progressive jackpot. After consulting a few friends and reading several books about how to play perfect video poker, the always game Huckleberry did some research about how profitable it would be to take on the machine. Huck came to the conclusion that with the massive progressive jackpot, and if he played perfectly, he would have an edge against the machine of roughly +.65%.

That percentage, .65%, doesn’t seem a whole lot, but when you factor in $500 per bet, that’s roughly a $3 profit per hand of video crypto gambling played. A top video poker player could play roughly 600-800 hands of video poker per hour, which would be an average win of $2,500/$3,000 hour, this all assuming Huck was able to play perfectly. The swings in high stakes video poker are massive however, and it’s estimated that to be properly rolled to take on the machine Huck would need a video poker bankroll of roughly $800,000-$1 Million!…

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May 21, 2022

Delaware Considering Adding Table Games

Here is what I know about Delaware: It is an American state. It’s in the northeast. It gets pretty cold in the winter. It is close to Maryland, which means it probably has a lot of politicians who can afford to live outside of D.C. And that’s all.


But now that tiny, inconsequential state is making some news. The state’s lawmakers are considering legalizing table games, including togel hongkong hari ini , poker and craps. Yesterday, the House Gaming and Pari-mutuels Committee voted in favor of a bill that allows card and dice games at slot machine casinos in the state. It should be noted that the state already has a state lottery and allows betting on horse races and NFL games.


In the state Senate, a bill was approved that intends to prevent cheating on table games. The aforementioned House bill has cleared the committee but still has yet to come to a vote in the full House.


If passed and signed into law, the “great” state of Delaware would be able to add legalizing table games to their list of accomplishments. Their current list includes: becoming a state.

In exchange for allowing table games, the government would receive anywhere from $5 million to $13.5 million from each casino for licensing fees, depending on their revenue. In addition, the casinos would receive 66% of the gross revenue made from table games, with 29% going to the state and 4.5% going to horse racing purses.


Some …

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