May 11, 2022

Review of Getting the Best of It

Over the last two decades, David Sklansky has been one of the most prolific as well as one of the most engaging gambling writers. During this time, little in the gambling world has escaped his attention. Nowhere is this more evident than in Getting the Best of It. In this book Sklansky covers an exceptionally broad range of gambling topics including, but by no means limited to, poker, blackjack, horse racing, and even keno.


Sklansky’s first section covers mathematics. Most of these topics are pretty elementary, but if the reader doesn’t understand them, they’ll have a hard time making any money gambling. As Sklansky point out, even the math adverse would be well advised to expend the energy to understand the essays in this section. Two of the essays are likely to be of interest even to someone who already understands basic probability theory. One of these essays covers Bayes’ Theorem, the other is titled “An Interesting Dice Proposition”.


In the next section, Sklansky covers what most folks would consider his forte, the game of poker. In my opinion, this set of 12 essays represents some of the best brief ideas ever written about the game. I don’t agree with absolutely every detail Sklansky writes about here, but every essay contains at least one, and usually more than one, engaging thought. In my opinion, these essays are excellent in promoting “thinking practice” among readers. If one uses these essays as examples of how a player can think about …

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March 30, 2022

Which Hand is better?

Which Hand is better?The best all-around hand in Omaha high-low is A-2-A-3 double-suited. The best hands in Omaha high are A-K-A-K double-suited or A-J-A-10 double-suited (which one is best depends on the specific game). Note that neither of those two great high hands are great in Omaha high-low.

In most Omaha high-low games, a very good low hand is better than a very good high hand. In loose Omaha high-low games (my definition of loose Omaha high-low is a table at which there is an average of five or more players seeing the flop — “Cappelletti’s Rule”), good low hands get playable flops much more frequently than good high hands. In loose Omaha high-low games, most of the money you win with good high hands comes from the pots in which there is no low. That is, when the high hand scoops the whole pot.

Tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, usually played at higher limits (roughly $20-$40 and higher, although there are some very loose $20-$40 games), is a totally different game from loose Omaha high-low. In tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, there is usually a raise or two before the flop and seldom more than three-way action. In tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, pocket aces are a very good holding if you can raise from an early position to narrow the action. Heads up (for example, if only the big blind calls), aces will often win high and sometimes the whole pot.

In tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, a great low hand, such as A-2-3-5, should attempt …

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March 25, 2022

Casino Togel Hari Ini Games: Baccarat


Baccarat adalah permainan mendebarkan yang dimainkan di kasino-kasino besar di seluruh dunia. Tujuan pemain adalah bertaruh pada prediksinya bahwa salah satu tangan pemain akan menang, tangan bankir akan menang, atau bahwa permainan akan menghasilkan seri.

Aturan Main

Tujuan baccarat adalah untuk memprediksi apakah tangan pemain atau bankir akan mendapatkan nilai poin paling dekat dengan 9, dengan mengingat bahwa semua kartu sepuluh nilai dihitung sebagai nol dan Aces dihitung sebagai satu. Tangan dengan nilai poin tertinggi menang.

Total tertinggi yang bisa dimiliki tangan bakarat adalah sembilan. Total dua kartu sembilan disebut “alami” dan tidak bisa kalah. Delapan adalah tangan terbaik kedua dan juga disebut “alami”. Jika pemain dan bankir dibagikan tangan yang sama, itu adalah kebuntuan (seri) dan baik bankir maupun pemain tidak menang.

Anda tidak menerima kartu apa pun, atau bermain melawan siapa pun kecuali memprediksi tangan mana yang akan mengalahkan yang lain.

Pemain dan bankir masing-masing dibagikan dua kartu. Mengikuti aturan bakarat standar, kartu ketiga dibagikan kepada pemain dan/atau bankir.

Nilai Tangan

As = satu poin

Kartu wajah dan puluhan = nol

Semua kartu lain membawa nilai poin yang tertera pada kartu. Jika kartu di tangan berjumlah lebih dari sepuluh poin, cukup kurangi sepuluh; sisanya Togel HK adalah nilai poin baccarat dari tangan. Misalnya: 8+8=16, yang dihitung sebagai 6 dalam bakarat; dan Jack+7=17, yang dihitung sebagai 7.

Aturan Kartu Ketiga

Bagan aturan baccarat berikut mengatur kapan pemain dan/atau bankir akan secara otomatis dibagikan (yaitu “menarik”) kartu ketiga dalam permainan Baccarat: Jika nilai poin dari dua kartu pertama adalah …

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March 3, 2022

Creative Writing Contests at Translation Services UK

Many people think that creative writing is just something that we did in school – however there are millions of people around the world from all age groups that spend their free time creative writing. It can be a very relaxing and rewarding activity and all you need is a creative imagination and some writing utensils.

In this guide we shall look at creative writing contests – what they’re about and how you can enter.

Types of Creative Writing Contests

There are all sorts of creative writing contests that run each year – and there are usually dozens running at once so plenty of opportunities for you to enter and win!

Some creative writing contests are open to people of all ages and any type of creative writing – short, long, science-fiction, romance and more. These ones are usually very popular and the best-known ones will receive thousands of entrants. Often if you want more chance of winning you should enter the more specific creative writing contests which we shall outline below.

There are creative writing contests for all sorts of genres, styles and more. They range from the pretty standard through to the truly bizarre! So no matter what type of creative writing you enjoy there will always be a contest for you to enter into.

Some of the more standard specific creative writing contests include: poetry, short stories and those that are specific to age groups.

For school-aged children there are usually much more specific age groups to …

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February 23, 2022

Free Radical play has no effect on your Link Alternatif Sbobet cards

I like playing blackjack and feel that I play “by the book.” Occasionally I am at a table where there are what my friends and I term, “free radicals”; people who hit their 15’s when the dealer is showing a six. Often, I get frustrated and just get up and go to a higher limit table. There I find the play less reckless. Sometimes, however, the crazy play helps. I won two hands yesterday (at Caesar’s in Vegas) when a woman hit a hand when she clearly should not have. Her hits prevented the dealer from making a 21 twice causing the dealer to bust out. My observation is that it seems like random play helps as much as hurts. Do you feel it best to avoid those types of players at your table or does it really matter in the long run? Paul G.

Practically all blackjack players have lost a decent-sized wager due to some nincompoop playing ugly on third base. The dealer is showing a six as her up-card, and all the players at the table stand on their stiff hands. Everyone, that is, but the nitwit on third base. He whacks his hard fifteen, is dealt a ten, and busts. “Hey you @ !! & ^ % jerk,” we all mutter under our breath, “that ten was the dealer’s bust card.” It happens every day, in every casino, on every blackjack game. No wonder we tend to believe that the play of some dunce taking the …

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February 8, 2022


Bitcoin remittance startup BitSpark, alongside four other fintech startups, won the Innotribe 2015 Singapore Semi-Finals held Thursday at the Red Dot Design Museum. The event was organized through a partnership with NextBank Asia and sponsored by international bank Wells Fargo and European startup accelerator Level39.


BitSpark will now progress to the finals, which will be held in October at Singapore Sibos, where it will have the opportunity to win $50,000 and as well as support from the international payment network SWIFT.


Other winners of the Singaporean competition were social consumer credit rating startup Trustingsocial, automated risk management platform provider Jewel Paymentech, online payment processor Codapay, and mobile payments solution provider goSwift. Each of the 15 startups that participated in the event had to pitch the company to a panel of judges, which was composed of financial technology experts and entrepreneurs from the Asia-Pacific region.


BitSpark will be competing against 20 other fintech startups in the finals. Besides the Asian competition winners, finalists from Innotribe competitions held in North America, Africa and Europe will also be competing. The North American showcase has yet to held, and so far only one other digital currency startup progressed to finals. Elliptic, a secure storage service for a variety of assets using the blockchain, won the European showcase in April. Learn more about SKYBLOCK COINS SHOP



BitSpark secured a spot in the finals with a new service they announced during the competition. BitSpark CEO George Harrap told Bitcoin …

February 6, 2022 Offers Special VIP Togel Prizes



from Aspinalls –, the first online-only casino business to be publicly traded, has unveiled a series of high-class promotions to attract new players to its London and Caribbean Casinos.


Until the end of July, there is automatic entry into a prize draw for any potential player who downloads the software for’s London Casino or Caribbean Casino and then registers online for free membership of


The prize is an exclusive V.I.P. trip for two to Las Vegas worth over $21,000. The trip includes first-class travel, limousine transfers, a luxury suite at a leading hotel, and a gift of $1000 to play at the hotel’s casino.


Meanwhile, every new member who deposits and plays his or her first $50 at one of the casinos will automatically receive a pair of designer cufflinks in the form of silver-plated playing dice, worth $70.


Russell Foreman, CEO of Aspinalls Online plc, said, “We want players to gain the maximum enjoyment from their visits to That means offering a superb choice of casinos and games, supported by unrivalled customer service. It also means having first-class promotions, incentives and loyalty programs in place to reward our regular members. We believe our initial set of promotions delivers just that.”


Launched on 21st June 2001,’s London and Togel Caribbean Casinos feature all the great casino table games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat along with slot machines, video poker and Keno. Each casino has its own …

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February 3, 2022

Democratic House Member Singapore Online Casino Battles Cyber-Gambling


He led the 1994 congressional hearings that eventually spawned the federal commission that investigated the spread of legalized gambling.


He wants to remove automated teller machines from casino floors.


He co-sponsored a bill to ban the use of credit cards in Internet gambling.


And no, he is not longtime gaming foe Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va.


Instead, he is Rep. John LaFalce, a 14-term Democratic congressman from Buffalo, N.Y., and he remains a key player in federal efforts to rein in the explosive nationwide growth of gambling.


LaFalce, 61, shrugs off any suggestion that he has been overlooked as the energetic Wolf has emerged to be regarded as the casino industry’s chief critic in Congress.


“If the Democrats had been in the majority, I would have received the credit or blame and with the Republicans in the majority, Frank has received the credit or the blame,” LaFalce said. “That’s the way it goes.”


Last year, LaFalce was the leading Democratic sponsor of a bill barring credit card companies from authorizing payments to gambling web sites.


Though it stops short of the total ban on Internet gambling advocated by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and many others, LaFalce’s measure is gaining support as a practical alternative. Some say it may very well replace prohibition as Congress’ attempt to regulate wagering on the Web.


“It’s taken a lot more seriously than the Goodlatte bill primarily because it doesn’t fool around with the ISPs (Internet …

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November 18, 2021


Rochelle Park, NJ – December 1, 2001 – The holidays will be full of bountiful gifts as Gamers Uplink Network ( teams up with e-retailer 4VideoGamers (, and publisher Strategy First Inc ( to deliver it’s visitors one of the web’s biggest holiday contests.


Rochelle Park, NJ – December 1, 2001 – The holidays will be full of bountiful gifts as Gamers Uplink Network ( teams up with e-retailer 4VideoGamers (, and publisher Strategy First Inc ( to deliver it’s visitors one of the web’s biggest holiday contests.


“We are very pleased to have e-retailer 4videogamers and publisher Strategy First on board for this great contest” says George Nikanorov, webmaster and owner of the Gamers Uplink Network. “The products published and retailed by these powerhouse companies are a welcome addition to the contest we are conducting now, as well as for others in the future.”


The contest will be conducted on and will run December 1 through December 22 with contest winners picked at random from Ligaz888 Gamers Uplink Network’s free e-mail newsletter subscriber list.


The first prize provided by e-retalier 4videogamers will include their choice of the following prize packs, available for Playstation 2, Xbox, or GameCube:


  1. Pelican Brand Arcade Stick and Madden NFL 2002
  2. Pelican Brand Racing Wheel/Steering Wheel and Nascar Thunder 2002 for Xbox, Crazy Taxi for GameCube or Driven for PS2


Seven second prize winners will receive one of the following PC games, provided by Strategy First Inc:


October 28, 2021

Slot Online POKER ROOM

If all has gone according to plan, I’m starting to get you psyched to try your hand at card room poker. If you’ve been following these columns, you already have a basic grasp of Texas hold ’em, the game you’ll likely encounter in most public card rooms these day. If you’ve been doing your homework on the side, you have even more than a basic grasp of strategy; you’re ready to go. (If I start another sentence with the word “if,” the “if” police will come and haul me away, so I’d better not.)


Before you brave the big bad world of card room poker, though, there’s one important topic that remains to be addressed. And that topic is: Money! How much do you need? How much should you expect to put into play at any given time? What happens if you go broke in the middle of a hand? Fear not, gentle reader – the answers await you here.


First let’s talk about the limits you’re going to find in card room poker game. Limits, you’ll recall, refer to the least and the most amount that you can bet in any given game. A $1-2 limit game has a minimum bet of one dollar and a maximum bet of two. A $3-6 game has a minimum bet of three, maximum bet of six. And so on. If it’s your first time playing casino poker, you should probably try to find the lowest limit that you can, and …

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