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October 10, 2021

Byron “Cowboy”UFAWolford, Part III:

The Cowboy Loses His Horse in a Poker Game and Pulls the Biggest Bluff of his Life

“Cowboy” Wolford is pretty easy to spot in a poker game. He’s the tall, mannerly gentleman with the perfect smile who’s wearing the distinctive cardroom apparel that Evelyn, his wife of 24 years, designs and sews for him. His signature denim overalls with bib and suspenders carefully coordinated in various Western motifs make a standout fashion statement.

Add to that his congenial ways, soft Texas drawl, and superior poker skills and he’s hard to miss in any crowd. Evelyn also has decorated their golf carts and once fashioned two look-alike dolls for Benny Binion and his wife that have become collectors’ items. Cowboy describes them in more detail later, but in this finale to our interview, he begins by telling about the time that he lost his horse in a poker game.

Cowboy Wolford: A funny thing happened to me once up in Weiser, Idaho. I had this sorrel mare that we called “Glass Eye” because she had a white eye. She could see out of it, it was just a different color than her other one. I’m up there and get to playing poker with these cowboys from California — they probably had more cards in their boots as they had on the table — and I lost ol’ Glass Eye, my roping horse. So, I started driving back home real slow to get me another horse. My daddy had trained ol’ …

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