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October 28, 2021

Slot Online POKER ROOM

If all has gone according to plan, I’m starting to get you psyched to try your hand at card room poker. If you’ve been following these columns, you already have a basic grasp of Texas hold ’em, the game you’ll likely encounter in most public card rooms these day. If you’ve been doing your homework on the side, you have even more than a basic grasp of strategy; you’re ready to go. (If I start another sentence with the word “if,” the “if” police will come and haul me away, so I’d better not.)


Before you brave the big bad world of card room poker, though, there’s one important topic that remains to be addressed. And that topic is: Money! How much do you need? How much should you expect to put into play at any given time? What happens if you go broke in the middle of a hand? Fear not, gentle reader – the answers await you here.


First let’s talk about the limits you’re going to find in card room poker game. Limits, you’ll recall, refer to the least and the most amount that you can bet in any given game. A $1-2 limit game has a minimum bet of one dollar and a maximum bet of two. A $3-6 game has a minimum bet of three, maximum bet of six. And so on. If it’s your first time playing casino poker, you should probably try to find the lowest limit that you can, and …

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