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How to identify the spider mites in marijuana leaves?


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Spider mites or marijuana can be the hardest nut to crack to notice because they are just little dots of their eye, and it is not more significant than the tip of the pencil head. That is why it is said that it is challenging to identify spider mites, but if you want to check the spider mites on your leaves, you can use a microscope because the only microscope can help you identify the spider mites on your plates.


Even the microscope will show you a clear image of the spider, so use a microscope and identify the spider mites and get rid of them from this obstacle. You will think that how you can get rid of this situation. Do not worry about this hurdle. In the upcoming paragraph, you will see that Treating spider mites in marijuana can take place by following some techniques.



Techniques to kill the spider mites


  • Use homemade solutions:-


First of all; the most common technique of killing the spider mites is homemade solutions. For instance, you can use a bleach solution, in which you need to take a tablespoon of bleach in a bowl of 95-degree hot water.


Along with that, use alcohol in that water, but remember, if there are three parts of water, you need to take seven parts of alcohol. Mix this combination well, and wait for some minutes to get ready; after that, spray this solution on the marijuana plants every evening, but you need to spray it when the temperatures have dropped.


Because in that weather, the effect of this spray will affect the spider mites; apart from that, if you get your desires to result on the marijuana leaves, it is okay, but if you did not get the desired result from this solution. Then there are some more techniques: nicotine tea, pepper sprays, and many more, which you can find online.


  • Take help of commercial spray


There are many commercial sprays available online, and you can take the help of those sprays. The benefit of these sprays is that you do not have to hustle a lot to make DIY solution, all you need to find commercial sprays on the various online platforms according to your preference. That spray will help you to get rid of the spider mites. Because these sprays are made for this work especially, that is why you should give a chance to the commercial sprays also.



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