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Everest- keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards


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Well it’s about that time again to take a look at the Everest keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards. With May now over and June just underway, it’s time to see how one month panned out and how the other one starts off.

For the May Monthly MTT’s, the final top ten looks like this:


  1. Tooren 6783
  2. BaSt4r 6152
  3. Marcilan 5757
  4. Slayer_pol 5650
  5. Nuckin_Futs 5457
  6. hase66 5070
  7. Kratzbaum 4853
  8. pieronaldino 4621
  9. ExaMeter 4599
  10. Rafichon 4594


First off, lets congratulate Tooren for holding down on the top spot for the last couple of weeks to win the May Monthly MTT’s for Everest Poker. The top 5 spots remained the same as they were last week. hase66 jumped Kratzbaum as they finished 6th and 7th respectively.  pieronaldino moved into the number 8 spot while ExaMeter dropped one stop to number 9. Rafichon finished 10th. espagne8 and mmoomm dropped off the leaderboard in the last week, but both are strong players who are continually vivying for a top 10 spot.


So far with just two days past in June, the top 10 is already shaping up a little bit. Let’s take a look:


  1. fabbz 1115
  2. foukadir 913
  3. homer1985 892
  4. pakhuis 851
  5. Vincenzo88 830
  6. asse44
  7. Rafichon 823
  8. MrCabdriver 724
  9. claudioney18 686
  10. macqueen 681


There are some newer names on the top 10 so far since we’ve been covering the Everest Poker Leaderboards, but hopefully this shows that there are not only some new players here as well as a little more parity among the Monthly MTT’s.


For the Sit and Go High Leaderboard, lets look how May ended up:


  1. Ze_Carica 3890
  2. OskarStar 3686
  3. kubalibre19 3663
  4. SanderBernd 3623
  5. JakobFuller 3533
  6. Rem24 3513
  7. gogepok 3407
  8. benny1896 3379
  9. eurodollar54 3332
  10. Ronin26 3302


While Ze_Carica and OskarStar remained the top two spots, kubalibre19 and SanderBernd moved ahead of some other players to finish out May. JakobFuller dropped from 3rd to 5th, Rem24 fell one spot to 6th. gogepok also fell one spot down to 7th, while benny1896 moved onto the leaderboard at 8th. eurodollar54 remained in 9th place and Ronin26 finished tenth. ikzelfzelf and oliv35 dropped off the leaderboard.


So far this week, there are some new players for the Weekly Sit and Go High leaderboard:


  1. flavionovais 1040
  2. wess0r1982 951
  3. peethebee 931
  4. Heavyfoot 894
  5. Kratzbaum 862
  6. artchick 838
  7. pakito34 716
  8. moonen0303 707
  9. gaelinho_666 703
  10. SPOOTY83 694


There are a lot of new names from what we’ve seen lately, but that will happen when your looking at weekly leaderboards. One interesting fact to be seen is whether Kratzbaum will continue playing in the MTT’s as well as the SIT and Go High tournaments or if he has decided that it’s time for a change.


The Sit and Go Low Leaderboard for the month of May looks like this:


  1. jor69 2385
  2. babe_rose 2347
  3. Tippking 2346
  4. kudi66 2318
  5. sabinet1896 2210
  6. otbld 2173
  7. caesar78 2134
  8. dr-gonzo 2134
  9. fernando1056 2130
  10. -szojo- 2130
  11. Wumen 2130
  12. brazomap 2130


jor69 took a tight victory over babe_rose for the month of May. Tippking moved up from 5th place to 3rd to end the month. kudi66 dropped from 2nd to 4th while sabinet1896 moved all the way onto the leaderboard at the 5th spot. otbld fell from 4th place to 6th place. caesar78, who was tied for 6th at the end of last week finished 7th. dr-gonzo dropped two spots to 8th place, while fernando1056, -szojo_, Wumen, and brazomap all finished in a 9th place tie after not recording any points last week.


So far, the leaderboard on Everest Poker for June looks as follows:


  1. luck419 550
  2. Jalo4Aces 545
  3. kudi66 543
  4. NIC-DAG 540
  5. Romgrav 539
  6. thejack33 530
  7. pjotrix 528
  8. JornBraam 449
  9. W0llie 446
  10. @-Jicsex40-@ 429


Be sure to take a look back next Monday to see how things start panning out even more for the month of June. Also, congratuatlions to all of the people who placed in the Everest Poker Leaderboards for the month of May.



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