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Allen Cunningham started today with 1.2 million chips which had him hovering around the bottom third of the field. But Cunningham’s been having a good afternoon so far. He’s grown his stack to 3.5 million and has moved to the top 25% of the field. With Brenes now absent from the field, Cunningham represents one of the few remaining “names.”

Cunningham has four Sihoki Slot bracelets and over 95 money finishes in major tournaments in the eight years since he’s been playing.

A More Than Attractive 4-8 Limit Game and The Big Room Empties

Oh No I’ve succumbed to using photos of girls representing “men’s clubs” .Victoria on the left and Shannon the right. ( both looked like they were winning by the way – never judge a poker player by his/her cover ) Well, I felt justified, they were playing live poker on a 4-8 Limit table and it is somewhat representative of the way Day 5 of the main event went.

Dial M for Money

With the departure of Humberto Brenes in 36th place, there are 35 players still alive for the platinum and diamond main event bracelet and if you take a close look at their stacks you’ll see that the action will continue to move at a fast pace.

Nine of the reminaing players have stacks of 1.2 million or less while blinds are now at 20K/40K with a 5K ante. That’s 105K per round, meaning more than a quarter of the field has an M of 12 or less. They’re all envious of chip leader Jamie Gold. With his 13.2 million stack he has an M of 126!

Paul Raeburn Has Busted Out

The Scot from Denmark, Paul Raeburn, busted out and will fly home today with $247,000.

Paul said things won’t be too different after his first and successful WSOP.

“It doesn’t change my life,” he said, “but he definitely makes it more comfortable.”

When Paul survived Day 3 making it in the money, he said his strategy was sitting back and playing the cards. By Day 5 his strategy had changed when he faced a table with high chip stacks and aggressive players.

“At some point you have to bluff and you know you’re behind,” he said.

Paul said he has no big plans except to get back to work as custodian at his kids’ school. And any future poker plans?

“Carry on playing Party Poker,” he said, “and try to qualify again for next year.”

Dan Nassif Busts Mikael Thuritz

Mikael Thuritz from Stockholm, Sweden (seat 4) saw his fate on Day 6 when his A-J couldn’t hold up against Dan Nassif’s A-K. Thuritz left with $247,399. And Nassif stacked his chips. “Thanks, I needed it,” Nassif said when an onlooker congratulated him.

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