How to Write a Professional Looking Academic Dissertation step by step guide

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How to Write a Professional Looking Academic Dissertation step by step guide

When a student is at a point where he or she has to write a dissertation, you are obviously near the end of your educational journey. The main purpose of this project is to judge your ability to conduct research regarding the subject you had selected. You have to state your results that you will obtain from your own original research so it can add some value to for our scientific and academic community. Every year many students have to do their dissertation projects which they fail to deliver due to the lack of time or knowledge. Many students turn toward online academic help services such as (Keyword) who claim to offer academic guidance in exchange of cash. Today we will give you a step by step guide that will help you do well on your dissertation project in future:

Start with a stunning proposal:

You can probably tell by the name that it’s a proposal for your dissertation project which will help make the committee believe that you will be completely committed to the complex question this dissertation will present.  Execution of a dissertation proposal is just as important as your final dissertation paper as it will lead the way for the rest of your work. A proposal have to be only 10 percent of your overall dissertation for example if your dissertation is 10000 words you proposal will be around 1000 words.

Conduct research

The research of your dissertation will determine the overall quality of your dissertation project. A solid research can easily make a huge difference in the quality standards of your work. Below we will mention few research tips that you can follow:


  • Set a time frame for your research, when you get a dissertation assignment which you have to complete under a specific deadline, make sure you set a proper timeframe and tackle your research accordingly.


  • Find authentic place to look for your references because it will play a huge part is the success of your dissertation. Only take references from legit and reliable sources as and avoid anything that is not completely reliable.


  • Organizing your resources is another great step that a guy must take to avoid chaos later. keep track of everything and write down from where you obtain a certain information so you don’t have to look for it later.

Writing your dissertation:

Once you are done with your research, it’s time to write a professional looking dissertation. This is the part where you will be tackling all of your major points along with providing legit theories to back them up. Below we will tell you few steps that you need to follow to prepare a proper dissertation:


  • Make an outline of your dissertation before you start writing.
  • Writer an introduction that will give an overview of your overall dissertation. Try to keep it precise and short, avoid prolonging your introduction.
  • State the how, what and why in your literature review. You will be rereading your process and state the most significant acknowledgements that you have come down to.
  • Explain your methods and how you will be using them in the methodology section.
  • State your main findings as it is the most important stage of your dissertation. This is the stage where you will get to taste the fruit of your hard work.
  • Write a solid to the point conclusion for your dissertation. Here you will give a brief explanation regarding your results and provide references to further support your research.

Editing and proofreading of your dissertation:

Once you are done with your dissertation assignment, it’s time to proofread your work and edit it if you have to. Most students make the mistake of not proofreading their work before submission and it sometimes cost them their grades. Always read your work and check for spelling, grammar and structural errors before you send it for final submission. You can ask a friend to proofread your work for you or you can simple hire an online academic service to do it in exchange of money. Once you feel like everything is fully maintained and 100 percent error free, feel free to send your work for submission.

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