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Dissertation Help – Law Teacher Step By Step Guide

Writing a law dissertation is a very technical task as this is a very technical discipline. A worthy law dissertation must have an introduction that is only a ten percent of the overall work count. So if you are writing a 15,000 word dissertation on law make sure your abstract only takes 300 words and your introduction part only occupies 1000 to 1500 words from it. Every year many students struggle with their law dissertation projects as they are very technical and can take a lot of time and work to get done in a professional manner. Keeping that in mind below we will share few steps that you can take to help you write a professional looking dissertation:

Abstract of Your Dissertation

This is the part where you will give a small summary of what your readers will find in your dissertation. Consider this part an advert for your whole work so make sure you do it well. Avoid using any sort of references or quotes in the abstract part of your dissertation.

Introduction of Your Dissertation

Give your readers a short introduction of your work; mention what you will be tackling in this party of your work. Keep this section only a ten percent of your overall dissertation while adding crisp and precise lines.

Methodology Section of Your Dissertation

This is the part where you will tell your readers about what will you are doing and how will you be doing it. Make sure everything you mention is quality because in legal/ law dissertation quality matters even more.

Literature Review of Your Dissertation

This is the part of your project where you will relate the most recent information on the same issues to your dissertation topic.  However there are often discussions that need no literature review, it really depends on the choice of the topic you pick for your dissertation. If you feel it’s necessary add a review if not leave it be.

Providing Evidence

State your discovered evidence and the things you have concluded from it. Give a proper yet not very detailed analysis regarding your evidences that you have gathered.


In this section you will state everything that you have discovered from it and the conclusion idea that you got from it. Avoid going into too much detail but give a precise ending analysis. While giving an analysis move towards an ending statement. The common mistake that many students make is they start adding new information in their conclusion section, avoid doing that. make sure your conclusion is to the point and clear-cut.

Proofreading and Editing of Your Dissertation

After you’re through with your dissertation, it’s time for you to proofread it. The best way to get your work proofread is to ask a friend of a teacher to do it for you. Proofread your work or hire an academic help service providing site such as Law Dissertation Help to get your work properly proofread. Make sure everything is free from all kind of grammar, spelling and structural errors. once you feel like everything is according to your desired format, feel free to submit it.

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