How to Write a Professional Looking Academic Dissertation step by step guide

When a student is at a point where he or she has to write a dissertation, you are obviously near the end of your educational journey. The main purpose of this project is to judge your ability to conduct research regarding the subject you had selected. You have to state your results that you will [...]

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Dissertation Help – Law Teacher Step By Step Guide

Writing a law dissertation is a very technical task as this is a very technical discipline. A worthy law dissertation must have an introduction that is only a ten percent of the overall work count. So if you are writing a 15,000 word dissertation on law make sure your abstract only takes 300 words and [...]

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How to Write a Winning Nursing Dissertation

Writing a dissertation seem like a dreadful task as it require a lot of research and attention. Every year many students fail due to the lack of knowledge regarding this academic field. If you’re a student who wants to prosper in his or her academic, you must know how to make a winning dissertation. Below [...]

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How to Write a Law Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is an extremely dreadful task that every student has to go through in his or her college/ university days. Writing a Law dissertation is even harder as Law is one of the most crucial disciplines in all academics. This can be on of the most mentally challenging task for any student if [...]

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Importance of Literature Review in Dissertation

In doctoral educational research, faculty advisors and dissertation examiners are determining that dissertation research skills of PhD researchers are insufficient for making critical decisions about conceptual and theoretical frameworks for their preparation of dissertation literature reviews. Dissertation writers of Dissertation Writing Service need critical ability to locate relevant literature, and to engage in scholarly review [...]

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Self-Efficacy And Student’s Performance

Lack of school engagement among adolescents in this country is a serious problem with severe consequences including risk of school dropout, substance use, teenage pregnancy, and criminal behaviour. When students become disengaged in a particular subject, they subsequently produce inferior assignments and sometimes refuse to do any assignment. Academic self-efficacy is an individual’s conviction that [...]

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Social Justice in Student Writing Assessment

Social justice is generally associated with the idea that all individuals should have equitable social opportunities, and most theories of social justice are undergirded by the belief that individuals have equal claims to basic liberties and that some regulation of inequalities is to insure advantages to the most vulnerable populations. However, in university students context [...]

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Rhetorical Contexts Of Writing Assessment

Writing assessment may not have the consensus about modes of inquiry emphasised in North’s taxonomy nor the epistemological awareness emphasised by Berlin, but it does have the rhetorical contexts described by Mailloux. However, these rhetorical contexts of writing assessment are only visible if we apply sense of rhetoric as relational. In terms of disciplinary practices, [...]

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Writing Assessment and the Quasi-Discipline

With conceptual and methodological origins in the educational and psychological measurement community, but most commonly recognized as a disciplinary daughter of rhetoric and composition, writing assessment is a field of study ripe with tension and anxiety about its disciplinary status. In a 2011 Assessing Writing article, Nadia Behizadeh and George Engelhard Jr. go as far [...]

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Rhetorical Theories And Writing Assessment

My framework melds rhetorical theories to examine particular discourse objects related to writing assessment. Specifically, each chapter uses a different theory to examine a discourse object or set of objects. I have purposefully cast a wide analytical net because there is an acute need for more theoretical work in writing assessment. In order to gets [...]

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